What Is WordPress And Is It Good For Business Websites

For anyone who has been looking at having a website made, one of the most important tools that you can have at your disposal is WordPress. You might have heard the term but don’t know what it is – so let’s take a look at what WordPress actually is, and what it can do for you.

What Is WordPress?

So, WordPress is content management suite (CMS) that allows you to run anything from a basic blog to a high-standard eCommerce website. With a great back-end user interface and an easy to create user-end website using an array of themes and designs, you can use WordPress to easily put together a DIY website, or work with a web designer to make something truly special.

What’s The Difference Between WordPress.org and WordPress.com

WordPress.org is a website where you can download the WordPress software to create your own website or blog. WordPress.com is a website where you can create a website or blog using the WordPress software, but it’s hosted by WordPress.com.

With WordPress.org, you have more control over your website because you host the software yourself. You can choose any theme or plugin you want, and you have full access to the source code. However, you’re responsible for updating and maintaining the software yourself.

With WordPress.com, you don’t have as much control over your website because you’re limited to the themes and plugins that are available on the site. But it’s much easier to set up and maintain because WordPress

Is WordPress Good For Business Websites?

Yes, it’s brilliant for business websites. It offers you a whole host of features, designs and plug-ins to help you do anything from sell your businesses products to collect contact details of regular shoppers and contact them with promotions and all the other tricks and tips that you could possibly utilize.

With the help of a premium WordPress theme, too, you can easily build a website that looks incredible simply by filling it in yourself. You could hire a web designer, of course, but there’s not always a need to do so if you know how to work with a theme.

What Is A WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme is a pre-built website design that you can easily implement and fill in the blanks with. They usually come with easy point and click installation with simple management of all the features the website uses, the layout and everything else.

The best WordPress themes are made to make sure you have plenty of access to controls to edit them. In essence, they allow you to set up a professional website in a few hours simply by filling in the text and changing template content like images and logos.

I Heard WordPress is Vulnerable To Hackers – Is This True?

They can be if they are poorly managed. While WordPress sites are among the most vulnerable out there, they can easily be backed up and protected with plug-ins. Working with a website designer on a WP page makes sense for this reason. They can host it, protect it from the back-end and add in features to make sure the website is never put under any risk of being hacked or otherwise.

While they can be unsafe, it comes down to the quality of the set-up and who manages the back-end.

How Much Does WordPress Cost?

It only costs you the money to buy a website domain name and URL and a hosting package. If you want to buy a theme or use premium plug-ins you will need to pay for that. The same if you hire a web designer.